Albany Pine Bush Preserve

“The Albany Pine Bush Preserve represents one of the best remaining examples in the world of an inland pine barrens ecosystem. This gently rolling sand plain is home to a unique diversity of animals and plants, including 20 rare species and two rare natural communities.”

To reduce the agressive, overstocked population of aspen trees (Populus tremuloides and Populus grandidentata), on close to 500 acres of Albany Pine Bush Preserve lands, crews used a two-step process to include “drilling and filling with herbicide” or “felling and stump herbicide treatment.”

Tree densities varied from less than 10 trees per acre to dense stands with 400 or more trees per acre. This project required hand-held gas-powered drills, herbicide application, chainsaws and tree felling expertise in portions of the Preserve adjacent to private property, roads, and railroads tracks.

Crews complied with all EPA registered herbicide labels requirements, all relevant Federal and State regulations, all DOT hazardous material regulations, and DEC regulations including DEC wetland permit conditions and special conditions pertaining to herbicide application.

  • Invasive Species Management
  • Ecosystem Restoration

Aspen Treatments for Wildlife Habitats
Albany, New York
500 acres

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