Will Overbeck, M.S.

Staff Ecologist

Joining AES in 2017, Will Overbeck is a Staff Ecologist with many years of professional experience in ecological restoration and monitoring from activities in the Chicago Wilderness and the Bluegrass Region, Knobs, and Cumberland Plateau in Kentucky. He is an expert botanist who conducts biological inventories, creates land management plans, implements restoration activities, and monitors habitats to meet project goals, including coordination of project logistics such as scheduling field work, tracking progress, and reporting results in writing and public meetings.

Will’s experience is well-rounded including interagency coordination for public-private partnerships, on the ground contracting for ecological restoration, academic research and presentations, and database management. He has dedicated his efforts to ecological restoration projects in the Chicago Wilderness since 2003 and has helped restore over 50 significant natural areas including bogs, fens, oak woodlands, lakeshore habitats, various prairies, and many other unique ecosystems.

Will has coordinated projects with USFWS Partners Program Funds to restore habitat for grassland birds, Heritage Land Conservation Funds to remove invasive species, and aided non-profit organizations with successful grant writing to fund watershed restoration. He has also developed numerous relationships in the Chicago Region resulting in smaller contracts for conservation and restoration projects in wetlands, prairies, and woodlands.

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