Tom Tilkens, B.S.

Construction Supervisor

Tom Tilkens joined the AES team in 2016 as a construction supervisor with three years of professional experience.  He comes from a background in Landscape Architecture and planning and has a passion for natural area restoration, green infrastructure, and community outreach and education.  These passions have helped push him to take on responsibilities that range from project development and planning, safety coordination, project oversight, and onsite project management on various restoration installation and maintenance projects in the Milwaukee region.  Using a background in Landscape Architecture and planning, Tom works to improve project outcomes and efficiencies while maintaining a safe and educated work environment.

Tom worked as a project manager for the 30th Street Wet Weather Relief project, which is a seven-acre urban stormwater management project in Milwaukee, WI.  He manages the Underwood Creek Restoration project in Wauwatosa, WI that encompasses restoration techniques including FES shoreline restoration lifts, native seeding and planting, invasive species control, and management and erosion control.  In addition, Tom performs on-the-ground project work that includes native and invasive plant identification, prescribed burning, equipment operation, and native species establishment and invasive species control techniques.

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