Tara Hering, M.S.

Plant Production Manager, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries

Tara Hering has over fifteen years of experience in the horticultural industry, with an extensive background in all phases of greenhouse management relating to native perennial plant production and care. As Plant Production Manager for Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, a division of Applied Ecological Services, she has the overall responsibility for all aspects of greenhouse plant production, including planning, scheduling, and improvements to greenhouse equipment and systems, as well as all phases of seed propagation and integrated pest management. Tara handles all budgeting and projections for plant-production labor and supplies. She also supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in native-plant propagation and plant-plug production, while also growing, caring for, and maintaining containerized plant stock from propagation until shipping.

Tara has conducted research examining the effects of mycorrhizal inoculant and fertilizers on field survivorship and seed yield of Parthenium integrifolium, and on the effects of nematodes on soybean yields. Her experience prior to joining AES—as a university researcher, as a Breeder Technician for Pan American Seed Company, and as Seed Supervisor and Propagation Assistant for a smaller private nursery—gives her an exceptional background for successful implementation of all phases of greenhouse operations.

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