Michael Szuter, M.S.

Construction Supervisor

Micheal Szuter is a Construction Supervisor with ecology research and restoration experience since 2012.  Joining AES as a Restoration Crew Member on the Jackson Park project, he is adept at plant identification, a skill important for Jackson Park which includes a uniquely diverse array of species targeted for restoration.  Michael is also able to utilize analytic and technical skills to make invasive species removal more effective at a site requiring less than 1% invasive cover.

Prior to joining AES, Michael worked as a researcher investigating nutrient dynamics and root development in forest ecosystems at Purdue University and the University of New Brunswick.  He has also worked in Puerto Rico on a long-term ecological research project in El Yunque national forest.  Michael is interested in continuing data collection and analysis in applied restoration projects in order to better understand the best methods of efficiently restoring ecosystems.

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