Michael McGraw, MES, QAWB

Senior Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist, Pensylvania Branch Manager

Mike McGraw is a Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist for the Atlantic Coast Branch of AES. With sixteen years of professional experience, McGraw has performed an extensive variety of reptile, amphibian, and avifaunal surveys in Eastern and Midwestern U.S. with a strong emphasis on endangered, threatened, and species of concern. Beyond survey and research, Mike’s work as a consulting scientist includes project design, project management, and client relations, as well as writing technical reports and proposals. McGraw is currently managing numerous projects and functioning as a lead biologist on a variety of AES projects, including wildlife surveys, ecological assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys, population biology research, wetland mitigation, sensitive habitat restoration, FAA-mandated wildlife hazard management plans for airports, land management and site master planning, and energy development projects.

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