Kasey Clark, B.S.

Associate Ecologist

Kasey joined AES in 2014 and is an Associate Ecologist in our Chicagoland office. Kasey plays a large role in our Michigan-based wind energy projects. Her duties include post-construction monitoring studies to assess wildlife impacts for wind farm projects, biological surveys, and bat acoustic monitoring  here she worked closely with wind farm employees to coordinate survey activities. Kasey has a thorough understanding of data collection equipment (GPS, Radio Telemetry, AnaBat), and she is trained in the safe operation of ATV and off-road 4×4 vehicles.

Prior to joining AES, Kasey worked as a crew leader conducting fatality surveys on bird and bat carcasses under wind turbines. She ensured that technicians followed established protocol and collected accurate data, wrote technical reports, and communicated her findings to project principal investigators. Kasey has also conducted behavior studies, mist netting, trapping/banding, and radio tracking for a variety of avian research projects across the United States. Her work for the USGS, California Fish and Game, and other public and private entities has afforded her the opportunity todevelop strong coordination and communication skills with a wide range of stakeholders, clients, and regulators.

David NelsonKasey Clark