Josh LaPointe, B.S.

Regional Manager, Ecosystem Restoration

Josh LaPointe directs all AES Field Service operations in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Josh’s experience managing a wide array of projects and his ability to anticipate and implement corrective measures is extremely valuable to AES. He has a vast knowledge of the labor and equipment needs that are required to accomplish project goals on time and within budget constraints along with the scientific principles underlying all restoration activities. His extensive knowledge of all aspects of the restoration process includes site preparation, seeding, planting, invasive species control, and prescribed burning. Josh’s proactive, hands-on approach to project and employee management ensures that AES’ Field Services provides accountable, timely, and cost-effective project results to help clients achieve successful restoration goals.

Josh began working with AES in 2002 as a staff ecologist, managing all hydrological monitoring and reporting while also assisting with vegetative monitoring, wetland delineations, and natural resource inventories. Prior to becoming Director of Construction in 2011 and then Regional Manager of Ecosystem Restoration in 2014, he was a Restoration Project Manager for large- and small-scale restoration efforts throughout the country. Previously, Josh was a Restoration Associate for the Aldo Leopold Foundation where he managed and restored property around the famous Leopold Shack, located near Baraboo, Wisconsin. A key component of his work was to promote the Leopold land ethic, which is also a fundamental principle AES uses to guide all restoration projects.

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