John Larson, Ph.D.

Principal Ecologist

Dr. John Larson has over 26 years of professional experience in ecological restoration and management planning and design, as well as in wetland delineations. John’s experience includes floristic analysis, land cover type mapping, threatened and endangered species investigations, ecological design, construction oversight, and wetland 404/401 permitting and mitigation. He applies this experience to restoration design, natural resource inventories, wetland determinations, wetland mitigation, wetland design, and permitting. John has performed over 300 wetland delineations throughout the U.S. and has prepared hundreds of annual monitoring reports for 404/401 wetland compliance. He has been involved a variety of activities, including design, permitting, construction oversight, and ecological monitoring in over two dozen wetland mitigation bank projects throughout the U.S. John has worked on a number of linear corridor projects that include roadways, pipelines, powerlines, and railroads.

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