Fugui Wang, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist – Remote Sensing | Ecological Modeling

Dr. Fugui Wang processes and interprets aerial photos and satellite images. This includes mapping freshwater wetlands in mountainous areas of New York and Pennsylvania for permitting purposes; detecting invasive vegetation (e.g., phragmites and honeysuckle); delineating wild rice distribution for its habitat protection and restoration; quantifying distribution and biomass of bioenergy feedstock (e.g., mesquite and juniper in Texas); and classifying and detecting changes in land use and land cover (e.g., ash trees, impacts of mining on vegetation distribution and biomass in California and Montana). Dr. Wang has also processed and manipulated other datasets for the remote sensing projects, such as Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) dataset and Soil Survey Geographic database (SSURGO).

Dr. Wang has simulated bioenergy feedstock yields and environmental impacts of planting switchgrass, sugarcane, and gamagrass at site level, and the impacts of converting prairie and fallow lands to switchgrass at a regional scale in west central Louisiana. He also simulated soil characteristics in the western mountains of NY and PA.

He statistically analyzes data associated with forests, soil, botany, wildlife, ecology, and remote sensing. The main statistics approaches Dr. Wang uses are regression, analysis of variance, cluster analysis, principal component/factor analysis, and ordination.

Dr. Wang is also actively involved in all phases of project management at AES, extending from project development/proposal writing to client communication to project execution.  He aims to meet and exceed project objectives and ensure client satisfaction by delivering the highest-quality product possible within set budget and timeline expectations.

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