Cody Johnson, B.A.

Construction Supervisor

Cody Johnson is a Construction Supervisor working out of AES’ Indiana office.  Joining AES in 2015, he has frequently led the morning safety tailgate meetings and has observed closely as the SSHO, Quality Control Manager, and Superintendant on multiple Army Corps of Engineers projects, such as Jackson Park, Hobart Marsh, and Lockport Prairie restoration projects.  Cody has also been involved in multiple scheduling, planning, and safety meetings for these projects.  His experience includes restoring native vegetation, tree and brush removal, and invasive species control.  He is a certified pesticide operator and applicator.

Prior to joining AES, Cody spent two years developing his physical geology and earth science skills working as a teacher in a geology outreach program and teaching assistant, respectively.  He also restored native vegetation such as prairies, savannas, and woodlands with the Boone County Conservation District.

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