Christy Long, B.S.

Order Fulfillment & Inventory Manager

Christy Long is the Order Fulfillment and Inventory Manager for the Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries at Applied Ecological Services.  Christy is the contact for all shipping and receiving related matters.  She steps into the position previously held by Carol Raupp.  Christy worked closely with Carol over the last four years, and because of her years of experience in the department we expect a smooth transition.  Her main areas of interest include native plant identification and ethnobotany, with a particular focus on the flora of the northeast.

In her spare time, she advises for the local 4-H Club.  Prior experience as a landscape foreperson and avid home gardener has given Christy a deep knowledge of the propagation, growth, and management of an extensive variety of plant species.  While pursuing her degree in environmental biology, she built on that knowledge by focusing on field botany, mycology, and ecology.

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