Brandon Moore, M.S.

Geospatial Leader

Brandon Moore is a Geospatial Leader working out of AES’ headquarters in Brodhead, WI.  Since 2000, he has gained extensive experience using ArcGIS and Remote Sensing software, as well as exceptional organizational and time management skills in detail-oriented research and analysis.

Prior to AES, Brandon was a Senior GIS Analyst at Gulo GIS Consulting LLC and a PhD intern at Pacific Northwest National Lab.  This experience along with his education backgorund have provided him with the ability to analytically examine diverse geospatial datasets, create ArcGIS custom tools to automate processing and integrate databases, compile metadata for associated datasets, and improve existing data acquisition and analysis procedures.  He also taught several Geography/GIS courses at his master’s alma mater, the University of Idaho.

Brandon has been consistently rewarded for hard work that has led to increased responsibilities.  These rewards are a direct result of his expertise, his commitment to personal and professional excellence, and his excellent written and oral communication skills.

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