Alex Solawetz, B.S.

Construction Supervisor

Alex Solawetz joined AES in 2011 and currently is a Construction Supervisor for AES’ Brillion, WI office. Having worked as a professional in the field of restoration and prescribed burning since 2007, he is knowledgeable about restoration needs for a broad range of projects where he has gained experience in recent years leading projects, supervising restoration work, and making site visits with clients and landowners regarding potential work.

Prior to AES, Alex began his career working at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where he became trained and very familiar with using large and small equipment for restoration purposes. He also gained extensive prescribed burning experience while working as a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Wildland Firefighter (Type II).

Alex’s restoration qualifications include equipment operation; ecological maintenance activities (herbiciding, mowing, monitoring); GPS; invasive species control; erosion control methods, including erosion mat installation; native seeding by hand and machine; and planting native trees, shrubs and live stakes.

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