Native Seed + Plant Nursery

Our Restoration Nurseries have grown more than 20 million prairie and wetland plants - at last count.

With close to four decades of experience in growing native plants, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries is a leader in native plant propagation. Taylor Creek’s production facilities in southern Wisconsin and eastern Kansas supply the entire Midwest and beyond.

We love sharing our passion for native plants, and the ecosystems they are an integral part of, by offering the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed and plants as well as the expertise to use and care for them. Education is an important part of Taylor Creek’s mission, and our restoration nurseries educate and support our clients and the public at large in their land-use decisions.

Our range of services, customized to project needs, includes:

  • Native seed + plants
  • Specific genotypic provision
  • Propagation of locally sourced seed + plants
  • Contract growing and procurement
  • Experimental propagation
  • Nursery consulting


Although our nursery carries a range of genotypes from many parts of the U.S., it is Taylor Creek’s general practice to produce seed and plants from the region of our nurseries. We track origins diligently and carry more than one genotype. Our plants are nursery-grown; it is not our practice to wild-collect live plants. Taylor Creek’s local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native remnants. We still conduct some wild seed collection to preserve and promote diversity, by contract with landowners and for special restoration contracts, but our policy is to collect only a small portion of the seed present.

In service to our commitment to protect existing remnant plant populations, Taylor Creek provides ecological management including invasive species control for collection sites to ensure remnants remain healthy and viable. We also specialize in local genotypes and are happy to work with customers for specific origin needs.


Native Seed + Plants

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