Ecological Restoration + Construction

AES has been restoring and managing native ecosystems for more than three decades, with science and creativity to produce successful projects at any scale.

“Ecological Restoration” is a general term that encompasses many different construction techniques and strategic approaches aimed at restoring ecological health to the land. Often, these techniques and approaches have to be customized and adapted to unique circumstances.

Our experienced professionals have innovated and learned these specialized techniques over many years and hundreds of projects. Knowledge from past projects informs processes during project implementation at all levels, from Project Management to Field Crew.

AES’ range of Ecological Restoration services include:

  • Native Landscape Installation
  • Restoration + Phytoremediation Planting
  • Shoreline, Streambank, + Slope Stabilization
  • Natural Area Management
  • Construction Management


When addressing a restoration need, we rely on both science and our years of experience to provide the best short-term establishment of native communities and optimal long-term ecological health and sustainability.

While restoration is sometimes considered to be alternative to conventional land-uses and strategies, AES has found that proper installation and maintenance of native ecosystems offers multiple advantages, functional and biotic.

In contrast to “grey infrastructure” solutions which are typically strongest at installation, but grow weaker over time, our “green infrastructure” solutions grow stronger over time and provide long-term, low-maintenance results.

From addressing erosion in small creeks to restoring native ecosystems at a watershed-scale, our construction professionals emphasize sustainable restoration design and construction strategies that promote diversity and improve wildlife habitat while minimizing or eliminating adverse ecological impacts.


Stream + Shore Restoration

Native Seed + Planting

Wetland Restoration

Reclamation + Remediation

Operations + Maintenance

Construction Management + Oversight

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