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AES applied intelligent solutions through ecological science.

AES consultants combine the disciplines of plant and wildlife ecology, engineering, and landscape architecture with geospatial services, construction, and nursery science to meet a wide variety of client needs.

With more than 35 years experience consulting on projects that impact our natural environment, AES professionals are well versed in every biome of the U.S. and North America.

Domestic and international projects that require a solid underpinning of ecological science benefit from the credibility of defensible science that AES consultants contribute.


Ecological consulting projects range from research to design and beyond, but every project impacting land and water requires an understanding of existing physical and biological conditions.

Ecologists are able to inform project stakeholders about site conditions by conducting an initial natural resource inventory (NRI) which provides the foundation for planning work. AES scientists operate with an overarching principle of sustainable cohesion of flora and fauna, land, and water.

On complex assignments, we frequently work with other professional partners – planners, landscape architects, engineers, and architects – to collaborate on many challenging projects.  We have been privileged to team with talented designers and planners on some of the most challenging and innovative projects in the world.

Our scientific expertise in ecosystem structure and function provides a platform to unify what are often disparate, and sometimes adversarial, approaches to land-use decisions.


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