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Applied Ecological Services, Inc.
Wisconsin Office
17921 Smith Road,
P. O. Box 256
Brodhead, WI 53520
Phone: 608.897.8641
Voicemail: 608.897.4898
AES Fax: 608.897.8486
TCRN Fax: 608.897.2044

Illinois Office
120 West Main St
W. Dundee, IL 60118
Phone: 847.844.9385
Fax: 847.844.8759

Kansas City Office
1269 N. 222nd Road
Baldwin City, KS 66006
Phone 785-594-2245
Fax 785-594-2250

Minnesota Office
21938 Mushtown Rd
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone: 952.447.1919
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East Coast Office
467 E Church Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: 610.238.9088

Key Professional Staff

Following are brief biographical sketches of the professional and ecological staff members of Applied Ecological Services, Inc. Full professional resumes are available upon request.
  • Steven Apfelbaum
  • David Aslesen
  • Andy Buss
  • Chuck Campbell
  • Jason Carlson
  • Kim Chapman
  • Cole Clayton
  • Corrine Daniels
  • Elliott Duemler
  • Fred Faessler
  • Shannon Flaherty
  • Nate Gingerich
  • Tara Hering
  • Tom Hunt
  • Ed Kallas
  • Josh Kraemer
  • Aaron Kubichka
  • Josh LaPointe
  • John Larson
  • Mattie Lasch
  • Susan Lehnhardt
  • Mike McGraw
  • Douglas Mensing
  • Todd Polacek
  • John Roll
  • William Stoll
  • Mathew Stone
  • Ry Thompson
  • Fugui Wang
  • Steve Zimmerman

  • Steven I. Apfelbaum, M.S.
    Steve ApfelbaumPrincipal Ecologist, Chairman
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Mr. Apfelbaum has conducted ecological research, designed award-winning projects, successfully navigated regulatory programs, and contributed his unique creative scientific expertise and enthusiasm to over 1,500 projects throughout North America and beyond. He is one of the leading ecological consultants in the U.S., providing technical restoration advice and win-win solutions where ecological and land development conflicts arise. Mr. Apfelbaum has authored hundreds of technical studies, peer-reviewed technical papers, books, reports, ecological restoration plans, and regulatory monitoring and compliance reports. He promotes using ecological and conservation design principles in developments, industrial projects and parks that help clients save money while increasing ecological functionality, improving public perception and generating award-winning outcomes. Mr. Apfelbaum is also a much sought after speaker at educational events focusing on ecological restoration, ecosystem assessment, alternative stormwater management and conservation development.

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    David W. Aslesen, B.S.
    David AslesenGIS Analyst/Environmental Specialist
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    David has 16 years of professional experience in the application of GIS to natural resource, land and facilities management involving both desktop and server-side programs for database design and management,cartographic design, spatial analysis and spatial data distribution.David also has 17 years of professional experience in natural resource management and planning at the State and County level in the Upper Midwest. David has worked extensively with all ESRI spatial data formats, Trimble GPS technologies and remote sensing data, including desktop aerial photo orthorectification using Leica Photogrammetry Suite. David started with AES in 2009 with a primary role to support the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory with database development and quality control.

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    Andrew Buss, A.S.
    Andy BussConstruction Supervisor
    Dubuque, IA

    Andrew has six years of professional ecological restoration experience including thousands of hours of implementation and construction over-site. He is extremely well versed in erosion and sediment control as well as terrestrial and aquatic planting. Andrew has many years of on the ground, practical experience restoring a wide variety of ecological zones including riparian, submergent, emergent, upland, and forested wetland communities. On several projects, Andrew oversees daily construction activities which include equipment inspection, sub and final grade approvals, compaction standards inspection and approval. He also has conducted over- site of soil placement and grading of over 640,000 cubic yards of material. Andrew has managed crews of up to 18 while performing such tasks as site preparation, seeding, planting, erosion control, invasive species management, and brushing. In addition he assists with wildlife studies, vegetative monitoring and hydrologic monitoring activities associated with the Seneca Meadows Landfill Wetland.

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    Charles Campbell, B.S.
    Chuck CampbellProject Estimator
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Charles has five years of professional restoration experience and five years of prescribed burn experience. He has experience working with large and small equipment including ATVs, Bobcats, tractors, etc. Charles has experience with mitigation banks, streambanks, wetlands, conservation developments, vegetative monitoring, seeding, planting, brush removal, prescribed burning, erosion control, herbicide application, seed collection, mowing, invasive species control, etc.

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    Jason L. Carlson, M.S., APA
    Jason CarlsonSenior Spatial Analyst
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Mr. Carlson has seven years of professional experience in GIS and stream assessment, stream restoration, watershed planning, GIS database management, GIS landscape and vegetation modeling as well as overall cartographic and map design. As a consulting project manager, Carlson is active in all phases of GIS cartographic/spatial analysis, database creation/management, and GIS/GPS mapping techniques. In these projects Carlson and AES utilize ESRI’s ArcView 3.x and 8.x technologies equipped with 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Image Analyst. Also used are AutoCad Map, Trimble and Garmin GPS technologies. Jason has also taken an active role in hydrologic data collection and instrumentation installation. He has worked as the field manager of several projects that have efficiently implemented the use of peizometers, telogs, datasondes and sigma sampling units. Within Carlson’s field endeavors he has had an active role in research and mapping of bird territories and landscape vegetation patterns in the Quetico-Boundary Waters Region.

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    Kim Alan Chapman, Ph.D.
    Kim ChapmanPrincipal Ecologist,Branch Manager
    Prior Lake, Minnesota

    Dr. Chapman has 25 years of experience in ecological research, natural resource planning, land restoration and land management. He has worked as staff ecologist for the Michigan Natural Heritage Program, as Midwest regional ecologist for The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and as science and stewardship director for the Minnesota Chapter of TNC. He has taught conservation biology, environmental studies, botany and vegetation management at the University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota and Macalester College. His master’s research focused on grassland ecology, and in his doctoral research he documented the differences in bird communities in response to development in nature reserves, rural lands and suburbs. He has authored or co-authored dozens of articles and reports for scientific and non-scientific publications, including Valley of Grass: Tallgrass Prairie and Parkland of the Red River Valley, which won a Minnesota Book Award in 1999. Dr. Chapman’s past projects have involved land and watershed evaluation, natural resource planning, ecological management and restoration, ecological research, botany, ornithology, Midwestern flora and fauna, grassland and forest ecology, mapping and GIS, vegetation classification, government programs and group process facilitation.

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    Cole Clayton, JD, M.L.A.
    Cole ClaytonEcological Designer
    West Dundee, Illinois

    As an Ecological Designer, Cole has worked on a range of ecologically focused projects for public agencies and private clients. His work ranges from creating native landscape plans for embankments in traffic corridors to multi-state mapping of soil carbon content. Whatever the project, Cole excels at solving complex land use problems and mediating the tensions between the possible and the practical. Cole is proficient in AutoCAD, Arcview GIS, Adobe Creative Suite, and SketchUp. Prior to receiving his landscape architecture degree, Cole worked for five years as a licensed attorney in Montana and New York focusing on land conservation, water law, and financial markets.

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    Corrine Daniels, B.S.
    Corrie DanielsInterim President, Nursery Director

    Mrs. Daniels provides professional management for the most diverse, multi-state, native seed and plant nursery operation in the Midwest. During over 18 years of experience at AES, she grew the nursery from a local $400,000 per year operation to a $2.1 million dollar per year division while expanding the operation from 70 acres to over 300 acres in three states. Daniels’ skill set combines strong horticulture and field experience with proven business management abilities and an extensive background in multiple aspects of leadership and personnel management. Her ability to control costs while increasing product quality has contributed greatly to the nurseries’ success.
    As part of the AES key management team, Daniels was instrumental in strategic planning during pivotal growth years. She has complete P&L responsibility as well as strong sales and marketing experience. She works closely with partners in both the private and public sectors, including non-profit agencies. Her proudest achievements include producing the highest quality line of native plants in the Midwest, handling nearly 500 native species and developing a very deep and dedicated team of employees. By working her way up from an AES field hand to Director and Vice President, Daniels offers exceptional background and insight for nursery business operations management.

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    Elliott Duemler, B.A.
    Elliott DuemlerNursery Manager, Kaw River Restoration Nursery
    Bldwin City, Kansas

    Mr. Duemler provides native plant industry leadership in the greater Kansas City Area as the Nursery Manager for Kaw River Restoration Nursery (KRRN) located near Kansas City, Kansas. His responsibilities in this position include public education, propagation and care of native plants, custom seed collection and general operations oversight of the nursery. In addition, Duemler has been instrumental in the set-up and organization of our nursery-build project for the City of Albany, NY and the Albany Pine Bush Nature Preserve dedicated to the restoration of the endangered Pine Bush Ecosystem Duemler received his degree from University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, where he studied biology – majoring in General Resource Management. He has previous experience working as a Prairie Restoration Intern for the Missouri Botanical Gardens. He also has experience working as a wildlife surveyor in Colorado.

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    Fred Faessler
    Fred FaesslerSeed Production Manager
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    With over 25 years of experience in the field, Mr. Faessler is a veteran of the ecological restoration industry. He was involved in the beginning stages of AES and its Restoration Nurseries. Faessler was a founding member of the Prairie Enthusiasts and continues in an active role providing leadership as a burn boss. For several years, Faessler owned and operated his own native seed nursery dedicated to the restoration of areas adjacent to Lake Michigan. Faessler served as the Seed Production Manager at AES from 1986 until 1997 and after a nine-year hiatus he returned in 2006. Currently, Faessler manages farm operations for TCRN. He is responsible for nearly 400 acres of production beds, and seed handling from harvest through finished product. Among Faessler’s skill set are creative problem solving and a bit of industrial technology know-how. He is known for his customized design of specialized equipment for harvesting and handling native plant species.

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    Shannon Flaherty, M.A.
    Shannon FlahertyAssitant Nursery Manager, Safety Cooridnator
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    A ten year employee of AES and its affiliated nurseries, Ms. Flaherty has plenty of experience with native plants and seed and their environmental restoration potential. Her current role at AES involves coordinating large projects and all aspects of native seed collection for the Wisconsin office. This includes training and supervising seed cleaning and collection, pulling plants and seed, ordering material, and shipping the product to clients. She also directs the nursery staff and keeps a keen eye on the maintenance of the production beds at the Wisconsin nursery grounds. Flaherty is also the Safety Coordinator for Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, where she oversees the safety functions of the nursery, conducts monthly inspections, and organizes employee training. During her decade plus of experience at AES, Flaherty’s skill set has stretched to include safety management, seed collection and propagation and project management. Her background in psychology and counseling has also made her successful in customer service, strategic planning and leadership roles. Her proudest achievements include collecting and finding hard-to-find species for the nursery and training nearly 70% of the company in first aid and CPR. By working her way up from an AES field hand to the Assistant Manager of Taylor Creek, Flaherty offers exceptional background and insight for seed collections management.

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    Nathan Gingerich, B.A.
    Nate GingerichNursery Sites Steward/Offsite Seed Collector
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Mr. Gingerich fills a critical role in our nursery team. His specialty is scouting for, and collecting foundation seed from remnant plant populations. In service to our commitment to the protection of existing remnants and healthy ecosystems, he manages our collection sites to control weeds and maintain appropriate ecological conditions. Additionally, Gingerich is charged with developing an invertebrate production program at Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries. For the previous six years, Gingerich led AES contracting crews out of Brodhead, Wisconsin. In this role he monitored, managed, and constructed formal native landscapes and restorations of wetlands, prairies and woodlands in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. He has extensive experience reading and translating site plans, and installing native seed, plugs, potted plants, burlap-balled trees and erosion control fabrics. Gingerich is also experienced with invasive species removal techniques, including leading prescribed burns, and is an experienced equipment operator, familiar with various diesel trucks, trailers, ATVs, tractors, skid loaders, various implements, brush saws, chainsaws and herbicide application equipment. Prior to AES, Gingerich served as a backpacking guide in a special program for adjudicated teenagers in Colorado. During college, he worked for three summers in archaeological surveys for the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona where he also was enlisted in wildfire containment activities.

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    Tara Hering, M.S.
    Tara HeringPlant Production Manager
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Ms. Hering has over 15 years of experience in the horticultural industry, with an extensive background in all phases of greenhouse management relating to native perennial plant production and care. As Plant Production Manager for Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, a division of Applied Ecological Services, she has the overall responsibility for all aspects of greenhouse plant production, including planning, scheduling, and improvements to greenhouse equipment and systems, as well as all phases of seed propagation and integrated pest management. Hering handles all budgeting and projections for plant-production labor and supplies. She also supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in native-plant propagation and plant-plug production, while also growing, caring for, and maintaining containerized plant stock from propagation until shipping. Hering has conducted research examining the effects of mycorrhizal inoculant and fertilizers on field survivorship and seed yield of Parthenium integrifolium, and on the effects of nematodes on soybean yields. Her experience prior to joining AES—as a university researcher, as a Breeder Technician for Pan American Seed Company, and as Seed Supervisor and Propagation Assistant for a smaller private nursery—gives her an exceptional background for successful implementation of all phases of greenhouse operations.

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    Thomas Hunt, Ph.D.
    Tom HuntDirector of Science
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Dr. Hunt joined AES in 2011 as Director of Science after having served as a Senior Staff Ecologist and Project Manager of two large AES restoration projects for two years in the late 1990s. From 1998 – 1999, Dr. Hunt managed AES’ 180-acre design/build Flambeau Mine reclamation in Ladysmith, Wisconsin as well as the early establishment phase of the 7,200-acre Kankakee Sands ecological restoration in northwest Indiana. Following these large project involvements, Dr. Hunt was appointed to a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he taught and served in leadership positions in the School of Agriculture from 1999 to 2011 when he re-joined AES. At UW-Platteville, in addition to his professor position, Dr. Hunt served as Director of Reclamation, Director of Research and Outreach of Pioneer Farm, and Director of the Social and Environmental Justice Program. Dr. Hunt began his career as a soil scientist and restoration ecologist in 1977 and served in science and consulting positions for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Power & Light, prior to his first tenure with AES. He has extensive expertise in mine reclamation and revegetation of disturbed and contaminated sites. In addition to earning his doctoral degree in Land Resources from the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the UW-Madison, Tom earned an M.S. degree in Landscape Architecture from UW-Madison in 1983.

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    Edward M. Kallas III, P.E.
    Ed KallasStaff Engineer
    Registered Professional Engineer in Wisconsin

    Mr. Kallas has 22 years of experience associated with the development, design and construction of various civil engineering projects. Kallas has worked on a variety of different projects including commercial and residential site developments, wetland and prairie restoration, stream stabilization and storm water management facilities.
    As a Staff Engineer, Kallas regularly creates project designs for an array of different projects and has also served as Project Manager and Inspector/Resident Engineer—regularly coordinating project scope, budget, and schedules; completing project permit applications with various local, state, and federal agencies; determining grading, planning storm water utilities, modeling storm water run-off and designing detention pond facilities and determining water quality performance. Kallas is proficient in Microsoft Office; AutoCAD Civil 3D; MicroStation V8; HydroCAD; Autodesk’s Hydraflow Hydrograph, Storm Sewer and Express; TR-20; TR-55; HEC-HMS; HEC-RAS; P8; WinSLAMM and RECARGA.

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    Joshua Kraemer, B.S.
    Josh KraemerConstruction Manager
    Appleton, Wisconsin

    Josh’s experience with AES includes leading crews and implementing construction design plans for the installation of native plant materials in areas ranging from formal native landscapes to restorations in wetlands, prairies and woodlands in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has also led crews conducting selective brushing activities and herbicide application to control invasive, non-native species. Kraemer is an experienced equipment operator and has provided client education in tree and shrub pruning techniques.

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    Aaron Kubichka, B.S.
    Construction Manager
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Mr. Kubichka is a Project Supervisor with 15 years of experience designing, scheduling, installing, and conducting on-going maintenance and management activities. He has managed hundreds of ecosystem restoration and management projects involving wetlands, prairies, woodlands and streambank/riparian environments. Kubichka has conducted vegetative monitoring, seeding, planting, brush removal, prescribed burning, erosion control, herbicide application, seed collection, mowing, invasive species control, GPS, and GIS projects. He is an expert with all project management functions including client communications, estimating, contract administration, documentation, project tracking and invoicing.

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    Joshua D. Lapointe, B.S.
    Josh LaPointeDirector of Construction
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    After graduating from the UW system, Mr. LaPointe worked for the Aldo Leopold Foundation as a restoration associate, managing and restoring the Leopold shack property and working with local landowners to promote the Leopold land ethic. LaPointe began work with AES as a Staff Ecologist, managing all hydrological monitoring and reporting while also assisting with vegetative monitoring, wetland delineations and natural resource inventories. LaPointe then transferred to AES’ Contracting Division as a Restoration Project Manager, where he has managed many large- and small-scale wetland and prairie restoration projects. He is experienced in crew supervision, including installation and management of native seeds, plants, shrubs and trees. He is also well-versed in project site management activities such as mowing, herbicide application, soil preparation and installation of herbivory-protective fencing and erosion control matting.

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    John L. Larson, Ph.D.
    John LarsonPrincipal Ecologist
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Dr. Larson has over 20 years of professional experience in ecological restoration and management planning and design, as well as in wetland delineations. His work not only addresses the flood control aspects of stormwater management, but also water quality enhancement and groundwater recharge benefits not normally possible with conventional designs. Dr. Larson’s experience includes floristic analysis, land cover type mapping, threatened and endangered species investigations and ecological design. He applies this experience to restoration design, natural resource inventories, wetland determinations, wetland mitigation, wetland permitting and design of detention/retention/infiltration systems for stormwater management and treatment.

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    Matthew Lasch, B.A.
    Matt LaschConstruction Manager
    Prior Lake, Minnesota

    Since joining AES, Mr. Lasch has been involved with all aspects of project development and implementation for several conservation developments and ecological restorations. His responsibilities include client relations, site analysis, restoration scheduling, crew assignments, safety, and construction oversight. In his previous experience as a Crew Leader, Matt prepared and scheduled projects, implemented work directives, documented the completion of ecological work, and worked with clients. Prior to working at AES, Lasch supervised intramural leagues as a Student Director at the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) and was captain and coach of the UMM Men’s tennis team. Since 1993 he has trapped and banded migrating raptors along Lake Superior’s North Shore with another researcher. In 2005 he completed an analysis of 30 years of migration data from that location and wrote a paper on raptor migration trends. While a student, Lasch worked on other ecological issues, including a study of river insects in an agricultural region.

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    Susan M. Lehnhardt, B.A., B.S.
    Senior Ecologist
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Susan is a Senior Ecologist with more than 15 years of professional experience in ecological assessment and restoration planning, and extensive field experience in native plant communities throughout the contiguous US, Alaska, Canada, and parts of Central and South America. She directs and manages investigations in watershed restoration planning, vegetation monitoring in regulated wetlands, floristic and rare plant inventories, community classification and mapping, ecosystem health and habitat assessment, and restoration and management planning for public, corporate, and private lands. In developing an effective long-term restoration and management plan for a degraded urban savanna site in Dane County, WI, she designed and implemented a long-term demonstration test plot program, which also served to engage and train volunteer stewards. She is researching the propagation and use of hairy-fruited lake sedge (Carex trichocarpa) an aggressive native mat-former in stream bank and wetland restorations to control exotic reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.).

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    Michael J. McGraw, B.S.
    Mike McGrawWildlife Ecologist/ Field Biologist
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Mr. McGraw is a Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist for the Atlantic Coast Branch of AES. With nine years of professional experience, McGraw has performed an extensive variety of reptile, amphibian, and avifaunal surveys in eastern and mid-western United States with a strong emphasis on endangered, threatened, and species of concern. As an experienced biologist and ecologist, McGraw also conducts project design, project management, handles client interaction and business development, as well as writes technical reports and proposals. McGraw is currently managing numerous projects and functioning as a lead biologist on a variety of AES projects, including wildlife surveys, ecological assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys, population biology research, wetland mitigation, sensitive habitat restoration, land management and site master planning, and energy development projects.

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    Douglas M. Mensing, M.S., P.W.S.
    Doug MensingSenior Ecologist
    Prior Lake, Minnesota

    Mr. Mensing has over 19 years of professional and research experience in the ecological and environmental fields. He has applied expertise in natural resource inventory and assessment (NRIA); park master planning; flora and fauna surveys; conservation planning, design, and development; multifunctional greenway corridor design; alternative/ecological stormwater assessment, restoration, monitoring, and management; low impact development (LID); lakeshore and streambank restoration and bioengineering techniques; natural resource damage assessments; wetland determinations, delineations, assessment, permitting and mitigation; wetland mitigation banking and monitoring; wetland vegetation and water chemistry monitoring; bioassessment techniques; and geographic information systems (GIS). As a consulting ecologist, Mensing manages and provides technical support for a broad range of these types of conservation and ecological projects. Much of Mensing’s recent work has focused on working with clients to design projects in a more ecologically sensitive fashion, conserving natural features and functions and promoting sustainability.

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    Todd A. Polacek, B.S.
    Todd PolacekProject Development Manager,Staff Biologist-Limnology
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Mr. Polacek is responsible for business development at AES – often focused on remediation and mitigation projects during the initial stages. With technical training and experience in limnology and fisheries, he is well-versed in water quality parameters, chemical constituents and water resource related natural resource projects. Prior to joining AES, he served the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sampling fish, invertebrates and macrophytes, and maintained electrofishing equipment. He used radio telemetry to track paddlefish migrations. He also conducted research on interaction between zebra mussels and native mussels in the upper Mississippi River, organized data and maintained an extensive database. His fisheries, macroinvertebrate and water quality experience has been valuable on several quarry lake redevelopment projects and for monitoring AES stream restoration projects.

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    John L. Roll, Ph.D., P.E.
    John RollSenior Environmental Engineer
    Registered Professional Engineer in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Dr. Roll has experience on a variety of hazardous materials, contaminant transport, water quality, water resource, best management practices (BMP) sediment control, and environmental engineering projects including: wastewater treatment processes, advanced biologic treatment, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments; environmental audits; hazardous materials inventories; groundwater contaminant transport studies; planning, acquiring, and administering environmental and reclamation operating permits; soil & water quality analyses and monitoring plans; hydraulic studies; stormwater management planning; erosion control design; and energy use analyses.

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    William W. Stoll, M.A.
    Bill StollSenior Ecologist
    West Dundee, Illinois

    Mr. Stoll has twelve years of professional experience in ecological assessment and management of natural, disturbed, and restored areas. He also has extensive project management experience on large-scale ecological studies and restorations projects. His work as a consulting ecologist includes natural resource assessments, vegetation monitoring, wetland delineations and permitting, threatened and endangered species surveys, and design of comprehensive restoration plans and shoreline and stream restorations. Large-scale project experience includes design and management of reclaimed surface mine and landfill sites and conservation development sites and creation of assessment reports and management plans for urban greenway, preserves, and parks. Stoll currently manages a project for a mining company to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan four threatened and endangered species in the lower Des Plaines River valley in Illinois.

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    Mathew Stone, B.S.
    Matt StoneConstruction Manager
    Dubuque, Iowa

    Mathew Stone has over 15 years of professional experience in the ecological restoration field and has worked for AES since 2000. He has a solid understanding of the applied science of ecological restoration combined with a broad range of field experience including site construction, maintenance and management as well as stream restoration and erosion control. Stone is based out of AES’ Dubuque, Iowa, office, but has extensive work experience throughout the Midwest as well as North Carolina. His specialties include project management, design implementation and review, construction oversight and site management for a wide range of habitats, including streambanks, shorelines, ravines, wetlands, prairies, woodlands and savannas. Stone takes a client-centric approach to project development and sales, drawing from his technical expertise to develop solutions for a wide variety of clients, including municipalities, forest preserves, parks, museums, botanical gardens, universities, private developers and others.

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    Ry Thompson, B.A., B.S.
    Ry ThompsonStaff Ecologist
    Brodhead, Wisconsin

    Ry Thompson joined AES as a Staff Ecologist in 2011 after having spent the last decade working in field ecology, watershed planning, ecological restoration and renewable energy. In the Pacific Northwest, he spent two years conducting fieldwork on aquatic ecology, fisheries and wildlife research and watershed investigations as an employee of public agencies and private consulting firms. Following his time working in the field, Thompson worked for six years as an Environmental Specialist for the Watershed Planning Group at City of Portland’s Environmental Services. He managed ecological research and restoration projects in Portland’s watersheds, while also helping to develop watershed-specific and citywide watershed plans. Work also included watershed inventories identifying areas for green infrastructure, natural resource inventories to evaluate ecological health and restoration opportunities, stream investigations to identify salmon habitat projects and validation of GIS-based ecological health models. He participated in numerous citywide policy committees tasked with updating environmental and watershed protection policy. While in Portland, he was a volunteer and board member with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council for eight years. Thompson then moved to Wisconsin and managed small wind and solar development projects in Wisconsin. He managed the project from an initial concept to a fully, commissioned renewable energy system, and was involved in all aspects of the project process from site evaluation and resource assessment to sales and permitting.

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    Steve R. Zimmerman, M.S.
    Steve ZimmermanStaff Ecologist
    West Dundee, Illinois

    Steve has seven years of professional experience in aquatic system biology, hydrology, and restoration including fisheries management, stream assessment, stream and shoreline restoration, watershed planning, wetland delineation, erosion control, hydrology monitoring, water chemistry monitoring, and vegetation monitoring. As a consulting ecologist and project manager, Zimmerman is active in all phases of wetland, stream, or pond management. He is proficient in stream health evaluations and has hands on experience with fish community sampling and habitat analysis/restoration using a variety of sampling techniques such as Karr’s, Simon’s and the EPA’s version of the Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI), Macroinvertebrate Biotic Index (MBI), Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI), and Rosgen’s stream restoration designs. He has also researched and developed lake, stream and watershed studies, including watershed management plans, feasibility studies and stream inventory/restoration studies.

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