Midwest Railroad Expansion

AES is well-suited for evaluating large area extents in association with complex route scenarios required for expansive corridor planning efforts.  Prior to development of a Notice of Intent, a private transportation industry group engaged AES to conduct a Fatal Flaw Analysis that informed a broad variety of alternative routing options.

The AES Geospatial Division quickly compiled a comprehensive GIS database that was used in a series of GIS mapping products, illuminating key opportunities and obstacles to routing alternatives.  Data collection and mapping of issues under investigation included:

  • Ecological – Threatened + Endangered (T+E) species, wetlands, streams, protected resources
  • Infrastructure – Existing and proposed
  • Viewshed –  Proposed landscape viewshed alternatives
  • Cultural – Community and rural conditions, alternatives

With alternative options spanning a three-state region, the analysis process was highly iterative, involving close collaboration between AES planners and transportation developers.  Alternatives discovered through this intensive GIS-informed investigation are anticipated to save time and money that will equate to significant ecological and local/regional community benefits.

  • GIS Data Collection + Analysis
  • Ecological Consulting
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Geospatial Mapping + Consulting
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Threatened + Endangered Species
  • Sensitive Natural Areas

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