Tyler Markowitz, B.S.

Construction Supervisor

Tyler Markowitz joined AES in 2011 as a Restoration Crew Member for AES’ Ecological Restoration Division. In 2015, Tyler assumed additional management duties as a Construction Supervisor. In this capacity, he is primarily responsible for onsite work organization, ensuring project performance meets contract requirements. To do this, Tyler supervises and schedules field crews, coordinates and communicates with clients, allocates and mobilizes equipment, and complies with project and safety specifications.

He also performs on-the-ground project execution to install and maintain ecological restorations. This work includes preparing sites for restoration; identifying plant species; sowing native seed species and planting native plant plugs, trees, and shrubs according to instructions and planned design; implementing erosion control methods such as straw mulching, erosion blanket, and silt fencing; controlling invasive species through brush cutting, mowing, hand-pulling weeds, applying herbicide, and prescribed burning; operating equipment; and maintaining natural areas.

Additional relevant experience includes coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in reclamation, re-vegetation, botany, soils, hydrogeology, environmental law, GIS/GPS use and mapping, and project management.

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