Todd Polacek, B.S.

Project Development Manager, Staff Biologist - Limnology

Todd Polacek is responsible for business development for significant opportunities at AES including remediation and mitigation projects. He is often the initial point of contact for project procurement and is adapted to function with a wide variety of different clients and business units within AES including municipalities, developers, non-governmental organizations, agency staff, and private landowners.

With technical training and experience in limnology and fisheries, he is well versed in water quality parameters, chemical constituents, and water resource related natural resource projects. A trained staff limnologist, Polacek worked professionally as a Fisheries Research Technician at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and as a Fisheries Technician for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Polacek worked as Sales Representative for AES’ Restoration Nurseries (an AES subsidiary) from 2005-2010 and worked closely with the Nursery Director to increase sales from approximately $1M to $2.5M that included direct involvement in securing several native materials contracts equaling $1M.

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