Russell Heinrichs, M.S.

Crew Foreman

Russell Heinrichs is the Crew Foreman for the Jackson Park Restoration Project.  In this capacity, he oversees the installation of native shrubs, trees, herbaceous plants and seeds.  In keeping with the original design principles of Frederick Law Olmsted, Russell works with local partners to restore the beauty and ecological value of the park.  Russell’s areas of expertise include native plant installation and establishment; plant, bird, and insect identification and nomenclature; and invasive species control through mechanical herbicide application, selective brushing, and prescribed burns.  He has performed ecological restorations in a variety of eco-types including prairie, wetland, savanna and woodland.  He has worked in the field of applied ecology for over ten years with a range of lab, field, and academic experience.

Russell also has additional experience registering conservation easements onto high quality natural lands, working with federal and state plant quarantine projects, implementing insect biocontrol for invasive species, and has seven years of water testing experience.  As an environmental management grad student, he led a Capstone project sponsored by AES to perform a wetland banking mitigation feasibility study for the Chicagoland region.

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