Patrick Daniels, B.S.

Staff Ecologist, Field Technology Specialist

Patrick Daniels applies his field and technology expertise to support bat and nighttime migratory bird monitoring, water depth and quality monitoring, soil quality analysis, weather condition monitoring, field mapping, high-resolution aerial photography, GIS, and other technical tasks. Since 2006, Daniels has been involved in deploying and trouble-shooting bat acoustic monitoring equipment, and in downloading and processing bat call data. He also maintains AES’ acoustic monitoring equipment.

Since 1995, Daniels has been active in all aspects of the water-monitoring program at AES including developing sampling protocols, evaluating available equipment, training field technicians, installation of sensor arrays, monitoring, and reporting. He is well versed in equipment such as Telog, Onset, Solinst, Global Water, Hydrolab, YSI, Ott, NovaLynx, and Decagon Devices. He conducts wetland delineations, vegetation monitoring, design specifications for restoration projects, and direct field restoration activities.

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