Katherine Hogle, M.S.

Construction Supervisor

Katherine Hogle is a Construction Supervisor for AES’ Ecosystem Restoration Division. She has eight years of professional restoration experience. Katherine joined AES in the spring of 2012 with the primary role of supervising Ohio’s Wetlands Reserve Program through the Natural Resources Conservation Service by providing construction oversight, surveying, and final approval of all procedures in wetland restoration. She has worked on over 30 Wetland Reserve Program projects within the state of Ohio.

Katherine has experience supervising and completing restoration projects in a variety of ecosystems with knowledge on delineating, monitoring, permitting, and implementation. She has spent an abundance of time in the Mid-Atlantic, as well as significant time in the Pacific Northwest, and the south. Katherine is very adaptable to the often dynamic and unpredictable nature of restoration projects.

David NelsonKatherine Hogle