John Price, B.T.

Nursery Manager, Restoration Specialist, Project Supervisor

John Price’s extensive professional restoration knowledge encompasses nursery management and sales, plant propagation, integrated pest management, woody and herbaceous plant material identification and control, irrigation techniques, and soil science. He is also proficient with using large machinery including tractors, skid-steers, and forklifts.

His knowledge of the restoration process includes site preparation, seeding, planting, erosion control, invasive species management, prescribed burning, brushing, forested wetland enhancement and hydrologic monitoring, along with an array of other restoration techniques and practices.

While completing his degree, Price managed the orchid greenhouse at State University of New York while also designing, implementing, and maintaining ornamental landscapes throughout the campus. He identified and collected native plant seed; mapped, assessed and treated invasive plant infestations within the park; and developed ecological management reports for Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

As a self-employed contractor, Price provided professional consultation, design, and installation for small gardens and landscaping projects. He diagnosed landscape issues, plant pests, and diseases; recommended selection and installation of woody and herbaceous perennials; and created an online plant database for ease of customer and employee access.

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