Jason Carlson, M.S.

Project Manager, Geospatial Technical Lead

Jason Carlson has fifteen years of professional experience with AES working with geospatial systems, aerial imaging, and mapping as applied to issues such as ecological restoration, watershed planning, and assessment of ecological impacts. As Director of the Geospatial Group and active project manager, Jason is involved in all phases of project design and technical oversight including GIS analysis, aerial imaging, database creation/management, and cartographic and GIS/GPS mapping/analysis techniques. In these projects, AES utilizes a Leica RCD30 multi-spectral camera, ESRI’s ArcGIS, ERDAS Image, eCognition, and Trimble/Garmin GPS as well as other technologies. AES is pioneering the use of airborne imaging sensors for applied ecological efforts such as mapping distribution of invasive species over large geographic areas. Jason currently coordinates the aerial image acquisition flight crews for AES.

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