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Rain Gardens

Interested in incorporating native plants into your landscape? How about doing your part to increase biological diversity, reduce your share of stormwater runoff, aid groundwater recharge and improve local water quality? Well then, it's about time you seriously considered installing a rain garden.

Rain Garden Sketch

Rain gardens are low-maintenance landscaped areas that are specially designed to contain, filter and soak up stormwater runoff from rooftops, patios, driveways or basement sump pumps.

By transforming 100 square feet of your lawn into a sunken perennial bed planted with native plants naturally adapted to wet conditions, you'll see a progression of blooms throughout the growing season. You'll also enjoy a significant increase in color and activity provided by the influx of birds, butterflies and dragonflies visiting your yard.

Additional features and benefits of rain gardens, as well as plant lists and how-to instructions for building a rain garden, are contained in these documents.

For complete How-to instructions on building your own rain garden, go to the Rain Garden Technical Manual produced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with Native Landscapes by Applied Ecological Services

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