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Native Landscape Design

Lobelia siphilitica WHAT'S YOUR INSPIRATION?
Maybe it's the way coneflowers hold their purple heads so tall and proud. The simple elegance of prairie blazing star, swaying in the breeze. The pleasing contrast of copper-colored bluestem against a backdrop of fresh-fallen snow. Or perhaps it goes deeper, to the very character of these prairie wildflowers, shrubs and grasses _ so vital to our environment _ that have prospered here in the Midwest for thousands of years. Whatever your inspiration, when you plant with natives, the result is more than landscaping.

It's a spirit of place . . .
An expertly crafted native landscape embodies a vision as well as a view. It speaks to our feelings _ our sense of place _ and surrounds us with the sights, sounds, fragrances and textures of life.
pond with a birdhouse

Today's homeowners and public/corporate land managers are realizing the benefits of plants that are naturally adapted to our local soils and climates _ less care, fewer problems and lower costs, not to mention year-round beauty. In contrast, many non-native plants cannot support themselves without costly and harmful fertilizers and chemicals, irrigation and constant care ...

Native landscaping restores ecosystems tallgrass prairies, oak savannas, woodlands and wetlands that once covered the majority of our Midwestern landscape but are now reduced to tiny reserves dotted throughout the country. Once native plants are returned to the land, many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and beneficial insects return as well, restoring a vital part of the web of life. Landscaping with natives enriches the soil, decreases water run-off, and filters the pollution caused by fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and surprisingly your lawn mower.

Over the long term, native landscaping is more cost-effective than traditional landscaping, saving hundreds up to several thousands of dollars annually in maintenance costs. Natives exist in harmony with nature, meaning fewer hassles, less manpower and more free time to enjoy the special beauty these plants provide.

While traditional lawns use only two to four species of grass, native landscape designs can include dozens of species of trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers, all blooming at different times during the growing season. Each is unique and constantly evolving; this year-round attractiveness is what many find most appealing. And because there are native species that thrive in wet, dry, sunny or shady locations, "problem areas" are no problem with native landscaping.

Native landscapes are hands-on opportunities for people of all ages to learn about habitats and ecosystems. They hold historical and cultural value as well; Native Americans and early settlers used these plants for a variety of purposes. A native landscape also provides the ideal setting for bird and butterfly watching, photography and nature walks. And did you know that a 2001 study by Cornell University showed that living in surroundings with a natural habitat provides measurable benefits to a child's mental health?

After choosing to "go native,"as with any landscaping project, there are further choices to be made decisions and details that can not only get confusing, but can make or break the success of your landscape. There are plant species to select. Layouts to design. Colors, shapes and textures to consider. And, of course, budgets to respect.
That's where the experts at Applied Ecological Services come in. Known throughout the nation for pioneering work in prairie and wetland restoration, AES developed the foundation of its ecological leadership based on the philosophy of famed ecologist Aldo Leopold: " preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community." Now, AES is pleased to provide its design/build landscaping services on a smaller scale to homeowners and land managers through their new division, Native Landscapes by AES.
Drawing upon the resources and expertise of AES ecologists, Native Landscapes by AES offers a rare blend of artistry, landscape architecture and good, solid science.
An expertly crafted native landscape embodies a vision as well as a view. It speaks to our feelings our sense of place and surrounds us with the sights, sounds, fragrances and textures of life. Your native landscape grows with you, adapting naturally to local environmental conditions and connecting you to the ecological systems of the vast prairies, woodlands and wetlands existing here before our time. This is a timeless landscape that captures the inspiration of appropriate design. It's a blending of the indigenous plants, materials and forms that reinforce the richly diverse regional qualities of your unique space.
It's a spirit of place . . .

Design of Urban Outdoor Space and Rain Gardens
Willy Street Co-op, Madison,Wisconsin
Willy Street Co-op

BE INSPIRED TO CREATE . . . Zizia aurea
The result is a native landscape that is personal and unique. An ever-evolving expression of the people who spend time there in the landscape. A beautiful and spirited space to be enjoyed for generations to come. It's something you just can't get from a typical landscaping company. But then, landscaping with natives is anything but typical! Trust the experts ... call Native Landscapes by AES to begin a creative and inspiring design process.

Asclepias incarnata Professional Design and Contracting Services
. Master Planning _ residential, commercial and park design
. Native prairie, woodland and wetland gardens
. Landscaping for stormwater management rain gardens and bioswales
. Landscaping to attract wildlife
. River/streambank and lakeshore restorations
. Pond/detention basin retrofit and enhancement
. Trail design and construction
. Restoration management plans
. Landscape construction and installation

The germination of an idea...
The finest native plants and seeds are available from AES' own Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries; just call 608/897-8641 for our free catalog.

Drainage Swale
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